Release of DbFit 2.0.0 RC1

I am pleased to announce the release of DbFit 2.0.0 RC1. The binary and manual can be downloaded from the new DbFit homepage.

What’s included in this release?

What’s coming next

  • Combine DbFit fixtures with .NET FitNesse fixtures (.NET standalone mode).

  • A refresh of the documentation and tutorial.

  • Better documentation for those unfamiliar with FitNesse.


  1. Mark Hopkins · ·


    my company has been using DbFit for Oracle based database testing for a few years now and the main thing people new to the system ask about is FitNesse in general. In you ‘What’s coming next’ section you say ‘Better documentation for those unfamiliar with FitNesse’. One thing I’ve done to alleviate these issues in the past is to add the FitNesse documentation to the DbFit instance so this is on hand for those using DbFit.

    I notice from the scripts that it still uses the -o flag (omit updates) which I personally think is wrong. If the DbFit documentation and tests were nested under a DbFit sub-wiki rather than at the root level as now then they could sit quite happily along side the FitNesse documentation and tests, which are themselves under their own sub-wiki, in the same instance and give in-situ docmentation for the system as a whole.

  2. Jake Benilov · ·

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your feedback. I think that bundling the Fitnesse docs is a good idea. I’ve added an issue to track this – In your experience, what aspect of Fitnesse have people had the most problems with (syntax/page structure/other)?

    About the “-o” option, I’d like to understand the implications better: presumably you would like to see a smoother upgrade path whenever the Fitnesse version is bumped?


  3. Mark Hopkins · ·

    Hi Jake,

    In my experience of using FitNesse and DbFit the main stumbling block to new users is the markup syntax and knowing what features of FitNesse are available. Including the documentation from FitNesse within the DbFit instance is required IMHO to aid the uptake of DbFit itself. Most people are comfortable with the idea of a Wiki, some do not like the non-WYSIWYG editor but those are mostly people more comfortable with Microsoft Word and are mostly non-programmers, which, in my experience, is where most the benefit of something like FitNesse and to a degree DbFit lies where customers, business analysts, and testers get involved in the test specification process.

    I would say that it would not be necessary to include the FitNesse docs in the DbFit git repository simply remove the -o flag from the run script, then when the user runs it for the first time they get all the FitNesse docs unpacked for the particular version of FitNesse included with the version of DbFit they are running. If they wish to upgrade the version of FitNesse outside of upgrading DbFit itself then simply dropping in a newer version of fitnesse-standalone.jar and running it up provides them with the new version. Obviously they would have to ensure compatibility with DbFit and FitLibrary but as they are upgrading a component manually it’s at their own risk anyhow.

    I’ll look into putting a pull request together on github about moving the docs to a sub-wiki which would be the first step in making the change. You are welcome to reject it when it arrives if you like ;->

    Thanks for listening (reading?)…

    1. Jake Benilov · ·

      Mark, a pull request would be most welcome! Thanks!

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