Release of DbFit 2.0.0 final

Good news, everybody - the long-overdue release of DbFit 2.0.0 is finally here. As always, the ZIP archive can be downloaded from the DbFit homepage.

This release is identical to the 2.0.0-RC5 release, which hasn’t had any show-stopping bugs raised against it for several months now; you can learn more about it in the release notes.

Enormous thanks to everyone who has contributed code, created bug reports and supported users on the DbFit Google Group - please keep doing it!

Beyond 2.0.0

I’m aware that there’s a significant number of changes that are sitting unreleased on the master branch - my plan is to release 2.1 with those changes as soon as possible. From 2.0 onwards, we will try to stick to smaller, more frequent releases and adopt semantic versioning, so that it’s clearer how much has changed between the releases.