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Browser testing tip: decompose page objects into panel objects

The problem If you are writing browser-driven tests, the Page Object pattern is a really useful abstraction to use. Let’s assume that our test wants to interact with the navigation bar on a complex page (eg The Guardian homepage): We could create methods for doing this on the page object class: However, for a page […]

7 types of feedback that helped make GOV.UK awesome

I remember going to the dentist one time and being told off for having a bad brushing technique. As well as causing mild embarrassment, the rebuke got me thinking about feedback cycles – assuming that I adjusted my brushing, when would I notice a difference? Plaque build-up isn’t something that’s easy to pick up at […]

Release of DbFit 2.0.0 RC5

I am pleased to announce the release of DbFit 2.0.0 RC5 – it’s been a while since the last release. The ZIP archive can be downloaded from the DbFit homepage. The highlights: Support for encrypting database passwords – if you are working in an environment where you aren’t allowed to store database passwords in plaintext, you may wish […]

The UK government pays me to write open source all day

Update: Here’s a discussion of this post on Reddit, and here is a French translation. I’m a developer. Here’s the graph of my open source contributions on GitHub for the last 12 months: While I also do some open source in my spare time, the vast majority of those green dots happen during my work […]

A plea for better open source etiquette

Update: this post kicked off a lively debate over at HackerNews. As a result of doing consulting, I’ve been hopping between a large number of OSS tools and libraries for the past few years. At some point, I decided to start giving back (after taking so so much) – something that GitHub has made incredibly […]

Release of DbFit 2.0.0 RC4

I am pleased to announce the release of DbFit 2.0.0 RC4. The ZIP archive can be downloaded from the DbFit homepage. The highlights of this release: Oracle feature: DbFit now works with both the 10g and 11g JDBC drivers Oracle bugfix: synonyms can be seamlessly used in statements and queries Oracle bugfix: fix for invoking stored procedures with NUMBER […]

DbFit: the past and present

At this moment (March 2013), there are 4 different distributions of the DbFit project in the wild. In this post, I hope to give some background as to why this is so and which version to use when. The original DbFit In 2007, Gojko Adzic released the original version of DbFit, a set of .NET […]