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Useful GitHub patterns

Both my day job and my open-source work involve constant use of git and GitHub. These are some useful patterns that I’ve found myself using regularly.

Failing fast in rails with a smoke test initializer

The Rails app that I’m working on has a dependency on ImageMagick. In fact, if ImageMagick is either missing or broken in the app’s environment, the app is beyond repair and Rails shouldn’t even start. To achieve this, I have added an initializer under config/initializers/dependency_tests.rb: Note: this particular example is specific to ruby 1.9.3 (in […]

Making the most of Scala’s XML templating

The Problem On one of my current projects, the system receives a web request from a consumer, makes further requests to upstream services and collates a response. For the sake of illustration, let’s say that one of these upstream systems was IMDB and its response looked like this: Let’s assume that we want to verify […]