Update: Here’s a discussion of this post on Reddit, and here is a French translation. I’m a developer. Here’s the graph of my open source contributions on GitHub for the last 12 months: While I also do some open source in my spare time, the vast majority of those green dots happen during my work […]

Update: this post kicked off a lively debate over at HackerNews. As a result of doing consulting, I’ve been hopping between a large number of OSS tools and libraries for the past few years. At some point, I decided to start giving back (after taking so so much) – something that GitHub has made incredibly […]

I am pleased to announce the release of DbFit 2.0.0 RC4. The ZIP archive can be downloaded from the DbFit homepage. The highlights of this release: Oracle feature: DbFit now works with both the 10g and 11g JDBC drivers Oracle bugfix: synonyms can be seamlessly used in statements and queries Oracle bugfix: fix for invoking stored procedures with NUMBER […]

At this moment (March 2013), there are 4 different distributions of the DbFit project in the wild. In this post, I hope to give some background as to why this is so and which version to use when. The original DbFit In 2007, Gojko Adzic released the original version of DbFit, a set of .NET […]

I am pleased to announce the release of DbFit 2.0.0 RC2. The ZIP archive can be downloaded from the DbFit homepage. What’s included in this release? DbFit upgraded to FitNesse release v20130216: WISYWIG editor: multiline cell editing bugfixes. DbFit now bundled with FitSharp 2.2 (.NET 4.0). This: allows combining DbFit and .NET fixtures in the same […]

This is the first article in Big Data Profiles, a series profiling individuals and teams who have successfully delivered large-volume, data-driven systems. Martin Thompson is a high-performance and low-latency specialist, and one of the creators of the Disruptor. While at LMAX and Betfair, Martin built and tested systems that are capable of handling hundreds of […]

I am pleased to announce the release of DbFit 2.0.0 RC1. The binary and manual can be downloaded from the new DbFit homepage. What’s included in this release? Testing database code for the following databases (flow mode): DB2 Derby HSQLDB MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server Combine DbFit fixtures with Java FitNesse fixtures (Java standalone […]

The Rails app that I’m working on has a dependency on ImageMagick. In fact, if ImageMagick is either missing or broken in the app’s environment, the app is beyond repair and Rails shouldn’t even start. To achieve this, I have added an initializer under config/initializers/dependency_tests.rb: Note: this particular example is specific to ruby 1.9.3 (in […]

The Problem On one of my current projects, the system receives a web request from a consumer, makes further requests to upstream services and collates a response. For the sake of illustration, let’s say that one of these upstream systems was IMDB and its response looked like this: Let’s assume that we want to verify […]