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The iterations of the GOV.UK product wall

GOV.UK, the UK’s single website for government information and services, is built in the open by a team within the Government Digital Service (GDS). The GOV.UK team is made up of several product, content and support teams that all work together to provide a single service for the public and for civil servants. The GOV.UK team makes […]

7 types of feedback that helped make GOV.UK awesome

I remember going to the dentist one time and being told off for having a bad brushing technique. As well as causing mild embarrassment, the rebuke got me thinking about feedback cycles – assuming that I adjusted my brushing, when would I notice a difference? Plaque build-up isn’t something that’s easy to pick up at […]

The UK government pays me to write open source all day

Update: Here’s a discussion of this post on Reddit, and here is a French translation. I’m a developer. Here’s the graph of my open source contributions on GitHub for the last 12 months: While I also do some open source in my spare time, the vast majority of those green dots happen during my work […]